Commercial Real Estate Investment & Development

Lone Peak Capital Investments collaborates with private investors and funds to back worthwhile real estate projects in our areas of focus.  If you are an investor seeking attractive, conservatively structured investments, our program might be a good fit for you.

We are a privately owned investment and development firm with strong, relationship-based deal flow and a concentration on quality projects that protect investor capital and return excellent results.  Our areas of focus are chosen with an eye to long-term strategic investment opportunities.

We target strong, sensible investments.  By that we mean deals that pass common sense analysis, regardless of market conditions.  Our focus is not on "grand-slam", "boom or bust" transactions.  Many seasoned project developers and investors have learned through painful experience that glamorous, over-reaching projects more often go "bust" than "boom".

We help our investor partners protect and grow their money as well as receive healthy upside and income, typically better than what is available in other markets.

Our experienced management team has excellent connections and resources.  We bring hard-won insights to every project.  Collectively, we have spearheaded, managed, and overseen billions of dollars of business transactions.

We balance patience and opportunism in our approach, and are careful in our choice of projects and partners.  We value long-term relationships and therefore safeguard trust and responsibility.

If the Lone Peak strategy appeals to you, we would welcome the opportunity to get to know you and see if it makes sense for both of us to do business together.

Investment Opportunities