Commercial Real Estate Investment & Development

     Credit Enhancement Strategy

If you have a good project in one of our areas of focus and have been unable to secure financing, we need to talk. 

Lone Peak Capital Investments can provide credit enhancements to your project that will help it become more fundable. 

Whether by providing cross-collateralization with additional assets, repayment guarantees, direct “sliver capital” investments, or other creative solutions, Lone Peak Capital Investments can enhance your project so it is better able to secure full financing.

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Lone Peak Capital Solutions

In today’s capital markets, raising commercial real estate capital is a very different and more challenging task than it used to be.  Banks and other financial institutions are operating under stricter lending requirements than before.  The days of the 100% bank loan appear to be over.  Commercial real estate projects have to be more sophisticated and creative in how they secure capital for new development and acquisitions.

Lone Peak Capital Investments specializes in credit enhancement and equity related solutions to help great projects qualify for the lowest cost financing available.  We support many types of transactions:

 + Commercial Real Estate ADC Loans

    (Acquisition / Development / Construction)
+ Permanent Loans for Purchase or Refinance

+ Bridge Financing

Private Placement / Angel Funding (non-debt)