Enhanced Commercial Investment

Commercial Real Estate Investment & Development

Lone Peak Capital Investments is an investor and developer of select commercial real estate projects.  We also provide competitive, flexible funding solutions to help meet the needs of commercial capital seekers.

We can help secure an array of credit enhancement solutions to allow commercial real estate projects to qualify for institutional or private funding at the lowest possible rates.

Historically projects seeking commercial capital have had two choices... traditional bank / institutional capital, or expensive "hard money".  Bank or institutional funding can be much less expensive compared to the hard money option.   Yet, because bank lending requirements have become so strict, relatively few projects qualify and many end up paying a much higher cost of capital.

Lone Peak's credit enhancement strategies are designed to offer a better alternative.  We provide solutions that can help your project qualify for the best available capital, at the best available rates.

​Our team of finance professionals have extensive experience structuring commercial mortgages and related debt solutions, as well as equity solutions, through traditional and creative capital structures.

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